Break the Chains–The 500 Mile Dash

Are you on Twitter? Eric Proffitt is and he’s using the micro-blogging platform to keep people up to date on his quest to bring awareness to modern-day slavery by running 500 miles in chains across the UK, beginning this August 1.

Proffitt will set off from London’s Westminster Abby and run eight hours a day, for 27 days as part of his Break These Chains campaign.

“I’m doing this to help the world know that human trafficking still happens in every city on earth,” Proffitt said in an interview last week. “The whole point is that I want the entire world to stop and say ‘this is wrong’, I want this event to tip the balance and stop human slavery.”

Why the UK? According to the Break The Chains site, it’s to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Wilberforce, the driving force behind the fight against slavery throughout the UK in 1833, which was the tipping point for abolishing legalized slavery throughout the world.

“Thus the UK is the ideal place to once again become a tipping point for slavery today,” the site concludes.


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