Mr. President, Please End Slavery

Amanda Kloer at End Human Trafficking has a post up asking President Barack Obama to take all measures to end slavery in our time. She draws on recommendations made by Pulitzer-winning author John Bersia:

  1. Unequivocally declare the goal of ending slavery in our time. Obama should make a high-profile speech devoted exclusively to the topic of human trafficking as both a U.S. and global phenomenon. Realistically, some elements of slavery would survive, but many abolitionists believe – and I think they are on target – it is possible to suppress the bulk of it within a few decades.
  2. Announce a presidential task force, packed with appropriate expertise, to investigate contemporary slavery. Such a group would be instrumental in developing a broader counter-slavery strategy. The United States must have an integrated, comprehensive plan for dealing with slavery. Its focus should be on preventing the problem, protecting victims and prosecuting slave-traders.
  3. Carry the message of urgent eradication to the world. Using his personal appeal and power of persuasion, Obama should make full use of opportunities at the United Nations and on trips abroad to remind people of the collective responsibility they have to resolve the slavery problem. Not all countries would be willing to follow the U.S. lead, but I think most would.

The first African-American president ending modern day slavery is such a good story, Hollywood couldn’t dream of writing it. I know that Obama is facing a number of challenges in his Presidency, but the increase in the crime of human trafficking and the reality that despite the increases in justice which have occured over the years, slavery is still prevelent in America is one of those challenges.

President Obama, today is your opportunity to end slavery. Please, take it.


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