Bon Appetit Takes A Stance

Bon Appetit steps up to the plate of sustainable labor practices. The Washington Post has reported that appalled by reports of labor conditions in the fields, the executives of one of the nation’s largest food service companies, Bon Appetit Management, promise to boycott Florida tomatoes if growers do not agree to improve conditions and increase pay for farmworkers.

Bon Appetit will issue a strict set of standards that farm worker advocates call a “rough draft” of the future of fairly produced food. If no grower agrees, the company is set to stop serving tomatoes on salad bars and sandwiches at its more than 400 college and corporate cafes across the country. The growers “can do the right thing, and our five million pounds of business can go to them,” said Fedele Bauccio, Bon Appetit’s chief executive. “Or they can let the tomatoes rot in the fields.”

I’m not sure if I care if this is public relations grandstanding. If people grandstand long, who knows, maybe the accidentally end up doing the right thing more often? No, seriously.


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