Will Crist Please Stand Up?

From a piece at The Nation:

[The Coalition of Immokalee Workers] has set its sights on Florida’s governor’s mansion, a place whose three straight occupants have spurned the CIW’s efforts to convince the state’s chief executive — who wields tremendous public and political influence over the state’s agricultural industry — to condemn these most egregious human rights violations. (Click here for details on the violations.)

The CIW is reaching out to Governor Charlie Crist to take the field in the fight against slavery. In the wake of the governor’s spokesman’s recent comments seeming to diminish the farm labor slavery problem, the CIW is calling on Gov. Crist to commit the full power of his office to combat modern-day slavery in Florida.

Add your voice to this anti-slavery call today by clicking here, where you can learn more about the petition campaign, send an email or fax to the governor, and forward the information to friends.


One response to “Will Crist Please Stand Up?

  1. The CIW is amazing in their tenacity.

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