FEATURED: Everyday Cruaders–Kelsi, OR

Kelsi is a 26-year-old blogger in Potland, Oregon. The following is an excerpt from an entry on her blog, Fazzled Orange, which she posted after she watched the rockumentary Call + Response:

I am sold: I do believe that this is a 21st century challenge to an age old problem that we all are faced with and called to respond to. We are responsible. We must do what we can with what we have. And what we have is… a lot.

We have our voice, resources, education, talents, gifts, consumer power, the wisdom of God, the power of the holy spirit and community. Slavery was abolished before because of concerted effort and solidarity. It can and will happen again in the same way.

But I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I will forget the hopelessness in their voices and the emptiness in their eyes. I’m afraid I will forget how badly I hurt for them. I’m afraid that the empowered voice in my head that said “Yes! I must do something. I can liberate these people!” will fade away.

But what if we don’t let it fade away. What if we encouraged one another to consider the challenge, to fight for another’s freedom, to fight for another’s laughter and song, to fight for another’s dignity.

What if “holding each other accountable” took on a whole other level? What if we followed the ramifications of our actions to the ends of the earth (rather than foolishly thinking they stop at us) and what if we saw the tremendous power we have as consumers, decision makers, social changers.

Very powerful sentiment. She’s right that we have immense power, but it doesn’t stop at us, at a blog comment or a movie. It keeps going.


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