FEATURED: Ten Shekel Shirt

Natalie Plumb with Penn State’s The Collegian writes about Lamont Hiebert, lead vocalist of Ten Shekel Shirt and co-founder of the charity LOVE146 that combats child trafficking and exploitation. Ten Shekel Shirt and The Wrecking joined together at the HUB-Robeson Center to raise awareness about child exploitation and slavery.

Hiebert took his audience on a journey, using rock to inspire the crowds to get involved in the abolition of modern-day slavery and the restoration of survivors of these crimes.

“We’ll sing a lot of songs about abolition, justice and restoration for people who have been through these horrible tortures, but also songs about college-related themes,” Hiebert told The Collegian the day of the concert.

Ten Shekel Shirt has played at more than 50 college campuses throughout the U.S., Hiebert said. The singer added he believes college students are the best audiences for “rock and justice, art and action,” the theme of Ten Shekel Shirt’s tour.


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