Anti-Slavery CALL+RESPONSE Film Continues to Outperform Major Releases Without a Dollar Spent on Advertising

MarketWatch reports that CALL+RESPONSE, a film I wrote about in August that’s distributed by Fair Trade Pictures is breaking Hollywood rules by outperforming every major film release without spending a cent on advertising. CALL+RESPONSE is putting technology and social networking’s word-of-mouth model to drive audiences toward activism.

The rockumentary film, which features major celebrities, undercover footage, and performances by today’s top musicians, is giving 100 percent of box office profit to help the fight to end global slavery. According to the Los Angeles Times, CALL+RESPONSE, which opened October 10, is less than two weeks away from recovering all of its production costs.

During opening week more than 6,000 people text from their movie seats their support for ending modern day slavery. It increased its per screen average on the second week and still out shows, with audiences being turned away at the door in many cities. It’s currently ranking in the top five in most theaters despite less show times and smaller auditoriums, producing better numbers than movies with millions of dollars of studio advertising.

Because of CALL+RESPONSE, it’s being estimated that the National Trafficking Hotline call volume increased its volume by 400 percent.

To read more about the film, visit Read the whole piece at MarketWatch.


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