FEATURED: Everyday Crusaders–Amber, NJ

Amber is a photographer from New Jersey and world traveler who is selling photos to raise money for Free The Slaves.

All proceeds from the photos, limited to an edition of 200 and priced at $50 each (plus the cost of shipping) will be donated. Each photo will be signed and will include background information specific to the image. You can see her photos here.

She notes that 20 percent from the work that she sells in her upcoming 2009 exhibits will also be donated to Free The Slaves.

She writes in her blog:

One of my favorite quotes by Voltaire is “Everyman is responsible for the good he did not do”. And I fully believe it. When we have the opportunity to to do some good, whether it be helping an elderly woman across the street, keeping an eye on our neighbor’s house while they are away or educating our communities about global issues like slavery, and choose not too then we are becoming apart of the problem and not the solution.

You have to be a member of TravelBuddy to send her a message, but she can also be reached via MySpace.

Read more about Artists Against Slavery at Free The Slaves.


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