Fair Trade Trick or Treat

Cassandra Clifford at the Foreign Policy blogs has a post about fair trade candy alternatives for this Halloween!

The Cocoa industry often traffics children to work as slaves, according to UNICEF (The United Nation’s Children’s Fund), 200,000 children in West Africa alone, are living in conditions of forced labor and slavery on cocoa farms. By supporting companies who do not profit from labor servitude you not only ensure that you are purchasing free and fair goods, but are one step closer to helping to end modern slavery. Fair Trade Trick or Treating will allow you to not only do the ‘right thing’, but also give you an opportunity to educate others, especially children, about human rights issues, such as child labor and modern slavery.

She also mentions the Global Exchange’s reverse Trick-or-Treating campaign, an effort where kids go door to door to give out fair trade candies. Go to their site for more information about how to get the free treats for distribution.


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