The Dreamers Club

Theresa Hogue at The Corvallis Gazette Times has profiled modern-day abolitionist, Dani Warren:

Dani Warren believes that every human has the potential to do great things. Along with Oregon State University students, who work with her at Dixon Recreation Center, they started Dreamers Club, a gathering of minds to help them reach their full potential.

But their discussions were soon overtaken by their desire to help bring a stop to slavery.

“Up until a year and a half ago, I had no idea that 27 million men, women and children are in slavery. There are 2 million children in the global sex trade,” Warren said.

She learned the facts about international slavery through the International Justice Mission, an organization dedicated to saving those currently in bondage and eradicating slavery wherever it exists.

“They are in the forefront of the fight,” Warren said.

Warren has traveled twice to Mongolia in the past two years with a church organization that helps repair and support a small orphanage. Her trips to the impoverished region helped cement her resolve to get involved in social justice issues, and the International Justice Mission seemed the right place to focus her efforts.

“It was a realization of how much we’ve been given, and with these resources comes responsibility,” she said.

To take part in the fight Warren and her students are holding three events this month to raise money and awareness about the International Justice Mission and the problem of slavery. Around campus, other organizations and businesses are doing their part to pitch in. Read more about it here.


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