FEATURED: Everyday Crusaders–Melody, San Francisco, CA

Melody is a 23-year-old blogger in San Francisco, California. In her blog recently, she wrote about her experience in a slavery awareness workshop.

“We are creating propaganda that will attempt to open people’s eyes that this is going on in our own city, in front of our eyes each day; we have a mapping team that is keeping their eyes open for places that might have slaves; and finally we have an art team that is putting together an art show to invite friends, co-workers and family to, in hopes of sparking some passion in these people’s lives.”

Melody’s postcard.

In her blog, she reflects about the connection between exploitation and consumerism:

this is an issue that is haunting every dollar i spend. what is that article of clothing truly worth to me? is it worth sacrificing someone’s freedom? someone’s life? not so much. is that cup of coffee worth it? is that chocolate bar really worth it? now that i am aware of this (and by “aware” i really mean that my eyes have barely even been opened to what is truly going on), how could i possibly go on living my life in the manner that i am now (or have been up to this point) knowing that i am contributing to the buying and selling of fellow human beings on this planet? that i am encouraging the torment and corruption and death of children and adults and communities around the world?

i can’t.

i urge you, friends, to make that step and educate yourself on what is going on in the human trafficking industry. there are more slaves today than ever before.


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