California Legislation to Further Protect Victims of Human Trafficking

The Imperial Valley News writes that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation that continues California’s pledge to take action against human trafficking and protect victims:

AB 2810 by Assemblymember Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica) grants further rights to victims of human trafficking and AB 499 by Assemblymember Sandré Swanson (D-Oakland) establishes a pilot program to provide standardized training curricula on the sexual exploitation of minors.

In an effort to give victims of human trafficking more rights, AB 2810 requires that a victim of human trafficking could request, and upon that request require, that his or her name not become a matter of public record. The bill also requires law enforcement officials to use due diligence in identifying human trafficking victims regardless of citizenship status to ensure that all victims are protected.

AB 499 creates a pilot project in Alameda County with the purpose of developing a comprehensive model to address the needs and effective treatment of sexually exploited minors. The goal is to divert minors accused of soliciting an act of prostitution into supervised counseling and treatment programs.

Gov. Schwarzenegger has long been committed to this cause. Earlier this year at the XXVI Annual Border Governor’s Conference, he urged the cooperation of states along the border to help put a stop to trafficking.


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