Skinner Brings Awareness To Church-Goers

Author E. Benjamin Skinner, author of the horrifying book about modern-day slavery entitled A Crime So Monstrous: Face to Face with Modern Day Slavery, hit the Terra Nova Church in Troy, New York over the weekend to educate a congregation about what he had learned in his travels.

“There is more slavery in the world today than at any point in human history,” he said. “Through fraud or under the threat of violence, millions of people in this world are enslaved.”

Skinner recounted a visit he had made to an illegal brothel in Bucharest, the capital of Romania: “I said I wanted to buy a girl, outright. I was offered a girl who was perhaps 15. I said I wanted someone younger and I was taken to a room on the second floor… She was offered to me in exchange for a used car.”

Read the whole article at The Daily Gazette.


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