Glen Waverley Secondary College’s 10 Ways To Be Slavery Free

Glen Waverley Secondary College has drawn up a list of ten ways to be slavery free.

Wearing fair trade clothes, means that you’re not only making a fashion statement by wearing the funkiest sneakers and t-shirts, but you’re also making a statement that YOU don’t want children to work for 15hrs a day, for minimal pay, just so you can look cool.

Make ethical choices at the supermarket and always ask for fair trade alternatives when eating out. Visit for a list of ethical products.

Picking a cause can help get your community get educated about modern slavery.

Read the rest of the list on their blog.


One response to “Glen Waverley Secondary College’s 10 Ways To Be Slavery Free

  1. Hi there,
    My name is Gab and I am in charge of blogging and maintaining GWSC’s Social Justice Group website. We are based in Australia, Melbourne.

    Your blog is great in that its giving awareness to others about slavery which is what our group is all about.

    Blogging is the way of the future for issues to be brought onto the global stage for everyone (not just the west and Europe) to learn and be aware of.

    Thank you for your contribution to the blogosphere.

    – Gab

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