USF Fights Human Trafficking

Co-anchor of ABC7 News Cheryl Jennings reported about a University of San Francisco student group fighting against human trafficking.

Their group, part of the Erasmus program at USF, which focuses student groups on an annual social justice project, recently went to visit Thailand where they say for themselves the impact that being trafficked has on children.

“I think what really touched me was their parents a lot of times are their traffickers,” said USF’s Carlie Kralj. “There were kids whose parents were having them sell opium on the streets.”

They met children at an orphanage built by the Not For Sale campaign, created by USF professor David Batstone.

“What we’ve found, and this is what students go through, is a sense of compassion for one child, to then understanding that child’s family has been dragged into this injustice. How do I change it? I have to create a legal system and an economic system that actually gives them access to a democratic and just way of living,” Batstone told ABC7.

Read the whole report here or visit the Not For Sale Campaign.


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