Police Lieutenant Fights Trafficking Off The Clock

Chris Smith at Santa Rosa’s The Press Democrat reported yesterday about a police lieutenant that devotes his time off-duty to the fight against human trafficking:

“It became my hobby. Some people buy a boat or a motorcycle; this is my passion,” said Nick Sensley, a tall and gracious SRPD lieutenant who’s groomed himself into an international authority on human trafficking.

Sensley, 46, offers as an example a 19-year-old Sacramento-area woman who was bullied into working as a prostitute at Santa Rosa’s former Llano Motel by a man who threatened to hurt her grandmother.

Other victims of human trafficking are illegal immigrants locked into bondage by smugglers or employers. The victims’ masters may pay them too little and charge them too much for rent and transportation, leaving them little hope of working themselves free.

In a shocking case out of Dallas, one of numerous cities where Sensley has played major roles in the creation of human-trafficking task forces, police earlier this year arrested two adults on suspicion that they took in a runaway girl who looks older than her 12 years and coerced her into performing at a strip club.

“It’s modern-day slavery,” Sensley said. “I believe that it happens all the time.”

Read the whole piece at The Press Democrat.


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