Skinner At The National Constitution Center

Journalist E. Benjamin Skinner and author of A Crime So Monstrous discusses modern day slavery with Carolyn Davis of The Philadelphia Enquirer at the National Constitution Center in commemoration of the end of the trans-Atlantic slave trade (mp3).

“I think today there is a conception that slavery no longer exists because it’s illegal in every country, because there has been so much bloodshed over the last century and a half to enshrine this idea of abolition, this idea of freedom,” said Skinner. “And yet today, there are more slaves than at any other point in history. Now for that to mean something, ‘slavery’ has to mean something. And if we accept the idea that slavery exists in a world that has abolished it in every country, we must adopt a new definition, which is, in fact, the original definition: those that are forced to work under threat of violence for no pay beyond subsistence, these are people that cannot walk away and by that mere definition, there are more slaves today than at any point in human history.”

Listen to the whole thing here…


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