Viriginia Film Festival Helps Modern Day Slavery Victims

From a press release at PRWeb:

The Redemptive Film Festival, a Virginia Beach-based festival, has formed a strategic alliance with the human rights activist agency, the International Justice Mission, to use legal means to help to rescue and empower modern day slaves.

Now in its third year, the Redemptive Film Festival is an international festival aimed at providing a forum for filmmakers to showcase and be rewarded for their work on themes that depict the redemptive purposes of God, either through human beings or supernatural occurrences. Call for entries are now open for the festival, which will this year be hosted at Regent University, in Virginia Beach, October 16-18 October 31 – November 1 [edited October 17, new info via PRWeb].

“We don’t want to merely have a popular festival that shows redemptive films; we want to help in the process of redeeming our brothers and sisters who for one reason or the other have fallen victims to slavery,” said Dr. Christopher Cunningham, the Virginia Beach resident who founded the festival.

The partnership with Redemptive Film Festival will allow for increased publicity for International Justice Mission and provide another source of funding for this important work. The festival will be donating 60 percent of all profits from the 2008 season to International Justice Mission.

Read the entire release at PRweb or visit


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