Everest-High Hopes For Freedom

A team of fundraisers climbed a 29,000 ft. wall (the height of Mount Everest) to raise funds to combat modern-day slavery through anti-slavery coalition Stop the Traffik. Event-goers raised some $600 in the course of eight hours, which organizers hope will be matched by local businesses.

The climb was organized by Charlotte Wilberforce, great-great-great granddaughter of slave emancipator William Wilberforce. Her March Run for Freedom event for the same coalition raised more than $8,500.

“There was a great vibe and we even broke a record–the wall has never been climbed so many times in one day and we even went above and beyond Mount Everest with over 850 climbs amongst us,” Wilberforce said. “If anyone wants to do a small event to help us spread the word about human trafficking and raise some funds, we want them to go for it–it can be anything, not necessarily sport–any kind of feat really. We really want to bring people together and show that slavery today can be stamped out through our unity.”

Interested parties can contact Wilberforce by email on runforfreedom@yahoo.com.

Read the article at the Royal Gazette here…


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