What Would Martin Luther King, Jr. Say?

Food for thought, from WonderingPondering:

And, bad as slavery was in the South, at least the slave owners valued their property and took some care of their $40,000 (in today’s dollars) investment. Today slaves cost only .3% to 3% ($90 to $1000) that they did back then, and are considered disposable property…

What would the good Doctor say? In 1963 he was speaking to America about its continuing injustice to its brothers and sisters. In 1963 he was speaking to Blacks about their past, their present, and the future he saw in America. In 1963 he was addressing a specific situation in a specific time, though the underlying message was timeless.

Today I would hope that he would continue to address the continuing inequity and injustice between races and socio-economic groups in America, because the racial situation is still not completely resolved, nor is the disparity between the wealthy and the poor, the educated and the uneducated, the healthy and the unhealthy. But since slavery still exists, in America on an outrageous scale and in unprecedented numbers world wide, I think, I hope, that he would include modern slavery in his list of causes celebre.

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