Hungry for Change

The truth action “satyagrhah” is still on for the India natives protesting Sigma International.

Worker Paul Konar, who left India for the U.S. in 2006, told Foreign Policy in Focus that he could never have imagined that less than two years later, he and his coworkers would find themselves where today: teaching this country about taking a passive stance for change. Konar has been on a vigil in Washington, DC with supporters and fasters for 18 days.

Konar and his fellow workers marched to Washington DC from New Orleans. While their march drew some attention from the media and garnered some support in Congress, the workers felt that it was not enough. And now a hunger strike is underway. Konar hasn’t eaten anything since May 14.

“The world today has no leader like M. Gandhi,” he said. “I want for the whole world to remember Gandhi’s actions and to salute him.”

Read the piece by Sameer Dossani at


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