Slavery Not A Major Campaign Issue

From a brilliant piece by Matt Renner at

Republican presidential nominee John McCain recently mentioned domestic slavery during a stump speech. He pledged to establish a task force to coordinate various federal law enforcement agencies to target human trafficking–the process of smuggling slaves between countries. However, the Think Progress blog pointed out that such an agency already exists. Shortly after the speech, Democratic National Committee spokesperson Damien LaVera pointed out in an email that McCain had complained about and voted against a $200,000 earmark intended to fund a conference on human trafficking in 2001.

“Once again McCain’s earmark obsession conflicts with his campaign rhetoric,” Lavera wrote.

McCain’s campaign failed to return repeated calls for comment on the issue.

This was the first mention of modern slavery on the campaign trail. Little attention has been paid to the issue by the media, with stories about isolated incidents of slavery in other countries occasionally making headlines. However, international activists and scholars have been leading a movement to eradicate global slavery.

Read Slavery Today: A Clear And Present Danger at


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