McCain Speaks About Slavery

Last week in Rochester, Michigan, presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain addressed the issue of slavery, which is beginning coming to the fore for presidential hopefuls.

Human trafficking–slavery, by another name–exists not just in places like Thailand, Kuwait and Venezuela. It is a serious problem here in the United States. It is a tragic reality that, 200 years after Wilberforce won his battle to end the slave trade between Britain and the United States, and nearly 150 years after our nation ended the institution here, the practice still thrives in the dark corners of our society… While the past few years have seen increased efforts on the part of the State and Justice Departments and the FBI to combat the human slave trade, we must do more.

McCain has pledged to increase cooperation and communication between agencies of the federal government that deal with slavery and trafficking by establishing an Inter-Agency Task Force on Human Trafficking, the purpose of which will be to focus exclusively on the prosecution of human traffickers and the rescue of their victims. McCain’s vision operates beyond jurisdictional barriers, enabling the task force to implement coordinated international response to the issue of trafficking and slavery.

“And we will take care to show compassion for victims of this despicable crime against humanity by making sure shelter, counseling and legal assistance is available and accessible to them,” he said.

Read the piece on USAToday.


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