Truth Action From The Shipyard

The AFL-CIO blog reported on the efforts of some 100 migrant Indian workers who, in a nod to Gandhi, embarked on a “satyagrhah”, or truth action, marching from New Orleans to Washington D.C. on Tuesday, March 18. Their intent was to educate the public and authorities on how guest worker program is can be abused to enslave immigrants and disenfranchise Americans.

In the case of the Indian workers, the grief is against Signal International, a marine construction company, and two of its recruiters. Nearly all of the workers tell the same story: for a $20,000 fee, they were promised a green card for themselves and their families and good work at a company’s shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi. However, instead of a piece of the American dream, workers received a 10-month work visa. They were housed in unsanitary, cramped housing and held captive, unable to complain without facing brutal repercussions.

Read the whole article article by James Parks at the AFL-CIO blog.


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