Team Up, Gear Up: A Race Against Slavery

Between March 24 and March 31, a group of cyclists are taking on a 450-mile race from Phoenix that will culminate in a 20-mile hike across the Grand Canyon. The cause? To raise awareness and funds for the fight against modern slavery.

Coordinators Stephanie Fisk and Eric Hanson, both of whom participated in the World Race, were inspired to make a difference while working with women and children in Thailand and Cambodia.

“When you see that these are real people–people who you can talk to and laugh with–then something in your heart is changed,” says Hanson in a release on PRWeb. “You start to see the world in a new light, and you realize that you can do something to help change these people’s lives.”

They’ve teamed up with Not For Sale, NightLight, ALERT, and Make Way Partners to bring his high-energy event to the public. The event, called “Team Up, Gear Up,” is open to the public “for either the whole event or a portion of it,” says Hanson.

On each night of the race, a guest speaker from one of the sponsor organizations will share more information about the effort to end slavery and their part in it. These talks are open to the public. For more information visit Stephanie Fisk’s blog or that of Eric Hanson.


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