Picket at Whole Foods Annual Shareholder Meeting

Today kicks off the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ national petition drive. In Austin, they’ve joined forces with members of the Austin Fair Food campaign to picket outside Whole Foods’ annual shareholder meeting in hopes the natural food retail giant will support them in their fight against slavery in the supply chain.

“Last year, Whole Foods announced the Whole Trade Guarantee for products it purchases from overseas,” says Kate Kelly of Fair Food Austin. “claiming to ‘help combat poverty’ through ‘better wages and working conditions for workers.’ These principles should be extended to all workers in Whole Foods’ produce supply chain.”

Consumers are pressuring Whole Foods to put its money where its mouth is.

“If Whole Foods is to be the company it claims to be,” adds Carlos Perez de Alejo, also of Fair Food Austin, “it must live up to its words and partner with the CIW to help end the exploitation of Florida’s farmworkers. Whole Foods must close the gap between its rhetoric and reality.”

For more information, read the entire release at Fair Food Austin.


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