TULSA CHAPTER UPDATE: John Pickle Summoned to Court Feb 20

Parveen Chopra, writes for the Indo-Asian News Service that John Pickle, owner of John Pickle Company in Tulsa, is being summoned to court to explain why he has not paid the $1.3 million compensation he was ordered to pay 52 former workers following a suit in 2006 which found Pickle guilty of fraud, false imprisonment and civil rights violations.

His workers, welders who were hired in India, had been virtually imprisoned on Pickle factory premises in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their passports had been confiscated, their wages were a pittance, the food rations hardly adequate.

Pickle suggested after the trial that he had transferred assets to family members to avoid paying what he owed. In 2007, with no money forthcoming, Kent Felty, the attorney for the plaintiffs, filed a petition asking the judge to void transfers of properties and assets and to place a lien against Pickle’s properties until the amount is paid. If Pickle is found guilty of transferring assets, the court can seek the amount owed from the family members who now hold assets.

Pickle must now turn over his tax records and a list of assets. If he fails to appear in court on February 20, a warrant will be issued for his arrest.


One response to “TULSA CHAPTER UPDATE: John Pickle Summoned to Court Feb 20

  1. this is so blown out of porportion that the media and the lawers should be put in jail.

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