Anti-Slavery Events

This page will be continuously updated as information regarding anti-slavery events becomes available to me (a quick link here is on the right navigation column, under the heading “Act!”). Please, if you know anything going on in your area, whether it’s a big rally or a small vigil or a reading of a book that you feel is relevant to our cause, don’t hesitate to leave a comment with as much information as possible!

Cincinnati, OH. ON-GOING, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and End Slavery Cincinnati have been working to stop modern day slavery and are now looking for local volunteers to rescue victims and educate others. Interested? Contact Jessica Donohue-Dioh at [via WCPO]

TULSA, OK. ON-GOING. TU Abolitionists is an organization that combats human trafficking and modern-day slavery by raising awareness about human trafficking and supporting political action and any pending anti-trafficking legislation by signing petitions and sending letters to senators. Anyone can participate. Meetings are held every other week, beginning January 26, 2009, on Mondays at 6:30PM, in the upstairs conference room in Sharp Chapel at the University of Tulsa. E-mail president Christy Sobolik ( for more information.

Got the scoop on an upcoming anti-slavery event? Leave a comment!


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  2. Today over 27 million children and adults are in slavery or bonded labor around the world—more than any other period in human history. As one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world, slavery remains largely hidden from the public eye and thrives on the rising global demand for inexpensive, unskilled labor and commercial sex.

    Humanity United and Ashoka’s Changemakers are launching “Ending Global Slavery: Everyday Heroes Leading the Way” a global online competition to identify individuals and organizations that have developed innovative approaches to exposing, confronting and ending modern-day slavery.

    The competition is hosted at Funding will be awarded for the most innovative policy-level and grassroots models.

  3. Peter Engstrom

    From Huntsville, Alabama:
    Cinram, a DVD maker, imported over 1000 workers on temp visas in 2007 through local temp services. 150 quit in january. five almost dies of carbon monoxide poisoning in Nov. 2007 from cheap apt building. I am guessing none of these people made any money. But no local protests.

    Also, I am sure you are aware of this – on page 75 of book, Nobodies,
    error re: montgomery bus boycott date. The boycott occurred in 1955, not “When in the1960’s African Americans successfully boycotted the segregationist policies of the Montgomery, Alabama, public bus system …”


  4. Just wanted to make you aware of a group that is gaining momentum in Austin, TX called What’s Your Response? Looking to get the word out on the issue as well as to come up with specific ways and events to end slavery.

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