Is Slavery In Our Future?

Activist David Swanson’s January 24 editorial Is Slavery in Our Future? sums up my book better than any other person who has reviewed it. Below is a teaser from the piece, which I recommend for anyone who wants more information about my book Nobodies:

Bowe’s fine-grained account makes clear that there are degrees of servitude, that there’s no clear broad area in which to draw the line between slavery and non-slavery, and that the long history of farm labor in the United States dating back to the slavery of the 19th century is what makes modern farm slavery possible and perhaps probable. When you deny farm workers the right to even a poverty-level minimum wage, or the right to organize, and when you make them dependent for all their purchases on–and in debt to–their employer, you build a culture that inches closer to slavery. And culture, not economics understood as a science or an invisible force, is the primary problem. Slavery is the result of attitudes, of power, of sadism. It is not required by the modern economy, but our failure to regulate that economy makes slavery possible. When we see other sectors of the economy shifting to day-laborers without rights or benefits, we can expect those sectors to start looking increasingly like agriculture in other ways too. Read the whole piece…

Thanks for the review and praise, David.


One response to “Is Slavery In Our Future?

  1. thanks for the terrific book

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