Fighting Slavery on a Practical Level

First and foremost is to simply be aware of its presence in the supply chains of your daily lives:

  1. where you work or go to school, and
  2. what you purchase as a consumers.

Awareness is always the first step. Michael Kane, of Washington D.C., who submitted the following links and information mentions two good examples of organizations working on supply chain labor slavery, which I encourage you to visit:

Congress is taking steps as well: H.R. 2522 proposes the creation of a national commission on modern slavery. On another front, Senator Byron Dorgan has introduced a bill to prohibit trade of products from sweatshop labor that fines violators and allows ethical producers to sue them. The bill has bipartisan support.


2 responses to “Fighting Slavery on a Practical Level

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  2. My name is Mark Svensson, I am the Chairman of the Anti-Slavery Committee at my college. I think this bill needs to be passed. I have created an electronic petition so that anyone in support of this bill can sign and voice their opinions.

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