In brief

As I go around speaking about my book, I sort of wish I’d written a simpler book. The book itself is very clear, but speaking clearly about it-–for me–is sort of impossible. I can spell it out in print, but it’s excruciatingly hard to do so verbally.

Here’s what I keep trying to say: There’s a link between growing wealth inequality and the degradation of democracy. There’s a link between the degradation of democracy and slavery. Finally, to complete this cycle, there’s a further link: follow slavery and you’ll find it leads to growing inequality.

We human beings have a psychological/mental/spiritual design flaw that makes it very difficult for us to see how this works. If we’re enslaved, we don’t get an education, so we don’t see it. But even if we’re educated, it’s very hard for us to see that benefiting from enslaved, or even abused workers, ultimately endangers our own freedom.

My book is an attempt to get regular people, rich, poor, left, right, to see how this all works.


2 responses to “In brief

  1. I heard you on NPR yesterday (12/2) talking about your book. I am a librarian with the New York Public Library at the Mid-Manhattan Branch. I would like to know if you would be interested in talking about your book at the library.

    Thank you,

  2. I just listened to your story on “This American Life” and then found your interview on “The Daily Show.” I am a writer and graphic designer currently working for a firm that does government contracts in instructional design. My first project here involved training ICE agents in dealing with human trafficking. I think a lot of people are ignorant to the fact that this still goes on today. I look forward to reading your book.

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