The Tailspin Zone

I was on the Dennis Miller Show the day before yesterday. Kind of funny. He had me on 2-3 weeks ago, and said, “Wow, I really like your book. This is so interesting. I admit, I’m only halfway through it, so let’s talk today as much as we can, but I’d like to have you back and discuss it some more.” So I was thinking, “great, the guy must like it. He gets it.”

So then I went on again yesterday, and he completely killed me, Bill O’Reilly-style. He did the whole talk show host thing where he asks you a question, then completely interrupts you, finishes your answer, then talks about what a stupid answer that was. You can find the show archives here, but you have to pay to get your load of Dennis. Pity.

It was kind of amazing, though. He basically asked me (re: illegal immigrants) “well, these people come to our country illegally, right? So don’t they pretty much get what they deserve?” And I said something about how I had this weird impression we were supposed to be a free country, and not be enslaving anyone anymore. Obviously, that was a sissy little answer to him, and it meant that I was a liberal moron who didn’t know how the real world worked. And then he asked something like, “well, if America is so bad, why don’t these Mexicans just tell their friends and family to stop coming up here by the millions?” And I answered that their conditions are so desperate, that even if they hear horrible stories about what happens sometimes in the US, they’re still gonna come, cuz hunger does funny things to you, and they’re hungry! Obviously that meant that I’m a pantywaist. What I should have answered was, “Dennis, you dipsh*t. They don’t have a radio show that goes out to 130 stations like you do, you unsympathetic moron.”

The problem with these guys like him and Bill O’Reilly is they think everything is an attack on America. They don’t understand that the big risk of allowing slave labor in America is that it threatens free, working Americans. And it threatens employers here who are law-abiding, decent people. Because none of them can compete with free or illegally cheap labor.

So people like me are kind into the whole idea of freedom, democracy, and America. And people like him and O’Reilly, who have millions and millions of dollars in the bank, have zero knowledge about or concern for working Americans.

EDIT November 04, 10:28PM: you can now read the interview transcript on my site.


13 responses to “The Tailspin Zone

  1. Hello,
    Cogent presentation on CSPAN. I note though,
    that accessing your blog entry about that
    anal aperture Dennis Miller
    resulted in a bunch of
    Dennis Miller popups that would not go away. Is this
    some kind of Orwellian thing?
    You do a good shtick, but
    what about you leading
    an anti-slavery march that visits
    Heritage, Cato, and the RNC?
    Would you do that?

  2. hey there-
    i just saw you speaking on CSPAN, you talked about riding trains, referrenced orwell, and had some great things to say, which makes me suspect you might be an anarchist? just wondering. i recently had 8 mexican guest welders stay with me for a month after they were treated as slaves in a shipyard in MS. they are trying to fight for back-pay and stuff now and have found new jobs at a different shipyard where they are treated better. besides that, i am an anarchist volunteer at the Iron Rail Bookstore/Library, and it’d be cool if you wanted to donate one of your books to our library!

    thanks for the great work!

  3. Just caught your book tv presntation on c-span you did well. your publisher needs a boot to the but for putting you on miller’s shit show, atleast he’s off of HBO. Any just wanted to pass along a cudo for your work. Mentioning the book in my comments on the Kos.

  4. I didn’t see that Dennis Miller Show. Must have been a bummer. I’m an executive pastry chef at a seven million dollar catering company. No Unions.

    It ain’t much easier here, darling, no matter how many degrees you have.

  5. John, I just got finished watching you on C-Span…I found your “independence” refreshing..even though I tend to be on the “conservative side” due to my “ancestors” which, while you think of it, were perhaps in their time, not conservative at all.

    Anyway, I liked it when you said that we all should be doing something…and so I write everyday on my blog. Once or twice I got on WorldNetDaily, but since I’m a big “nobody” , no degrees, no published books, etc…getting my “opinions” out are very hard.

    And that’s the problem which you address so well. There is a big class problem, the rich and the big global companies will soon be calling all the shots on just about everything we ALL do…not just the Mexicans.

    Do go to my blog……after all…we think alike at least in titles! And leave me a comment, I would be so thrilled. My last blog was on the Companies taking over the patent system.

    I do plan to get your book…and bravo for caring…

    Do not stop. Good luck with your book promotion! Oh…yes, Nobody’s Opinion..where Nobody’s Perfect; Nobody Knows; Nobody Cares; Nobody Wins: and Nobody’s a Fool!
    (I know, enough already. )

  6. Oh, one more thing..O’Reilly and Dennis Miller do not even see the big picture do they? Could it be because they both work for the BIG picture?

    You seem like such a nice guy, it’s no wonder you were smashed by men who do it for a living.

    Ego’s abound.

  7. Excellent presentation on Book TV. I viewed it today. That one gentleman was right – you are a terrific speaker. Don’t worry about Dennis Miller – he is, after all, a pair of clown shoes (to rip off Kevin Smith). What’s important is you are “out there” and getting your message to the world. It’s a very important message. I, too, have recently had a “close encounter” with slavery here in America. I might email you on that.
    Also, I would love to get a comment or two from you (or even interview you) for my web site, The American Political Handbook ( as I intend to put a review about your talk on Book TV in my postings. Hope you don’t mind. I’ve only got a handful of readers – and my popularity is not growing. I want to post about your book (I just obtained a copy today), because I believe that the modern slave labor market is not only a growing and important social phenomena, it is also important in its political and criminal impact. Great job you are doing.

  8. Interesting talk on CSPAN. It would seem that while you have “liberal” or “progressive” inclinations you probably are a “pragmatist”. If you haven’t personally had your nose rubbed in reality, you’ve seen it up close. My own education BA Management) and experience (Ph.D. from Hardknock University) 40 years in law enforcement, have made me rather pragmatic than either lib or con (I’ve been both). I would like to collaborate with you on the subject of the “culture war” and the impact of the migration from Mexico and the 3rd world to the US.

  9. Jesus, Joyanna

    Learn how to punctuate.

  10. oh now, let’s pick ourr battles, shall we?

  11. Your comments on CSpan was kinda different, its not that people aren’t saying the things you speak of we just don’t hear them often unless you are active in the movements. Miller and O’Reilly don’t believe we are under attack in America they know better, they are just benefitting from people’s distrust and ignorance of one another. You answered many questions wonderfully to that very elite audience, churces are active, the answers for all the problems of the poor and all the people problems lie with the people and we can all do something everday to create the neighborhoods and communities we want to see and live within. Finally, One of the things I don’t like is when some financially comfortable people write books about the struggle classes. They present solutions and that is good but as you implied on CSpan Actions will also solve struggling people’s problems. What opportunities,access and actions have you created to begin the change of equality for all?. Though poor people are economically without; many others earn a living writing, speaking and so called “serving the poor”, Yet we don’t have a seat of power at the table and we are not recognized for our influence and power.

  12. dennis miller is an ass, as is o’reilly. i’m sorry that happened. i’m sure it will only fuel your enthusiasm & passion for what you’re doing…at least, that is my hope.

  13. I watched you and was rather surprised that you could not respond to the economic data being presented by your co-blogger. Seems to me that if you want to win over those of us on the fence you need to do more that make appeals to our emotions. For example, the title of your book alone is enough to have you written off.

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