Free the Slaves

Kevin Bales Book and Group

Recently, in a special for the Seattle Times, Bob Simmons wrote about recent books dealing with modern-day slavery. He put my book alongside Kevin Bales’ Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves, a book I’ve been meaning to add to my list of suggested reading. As Simmons writes:

Kevin Bales is president of the international organization Free the Slaves…. He makes use of stories and data from his organization’s network of activists, operating wherever people are held against their will, controlled through violence and exploited for money. He makes a surprisingly hopeful case for wiping out slavery, based on a spreading revulsion against the practice and better connections between anti-slavery groups pressuring their governments to enforce existing laws.

Bales has several books on the topic, all of which are helpful in understanding slavery and how to take action.

Bales’s work is the opposite of my book: where my book is an attempt to open Americans’ eyes to something unfolding all around them, his book is more of a guidebook for people who have already been awakened and he’s very practical and optimistic, which helps a lot.

Read him, and check out


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