The World on Globalization

A new survey by Pew Research Center of over 45,000 people shows that while many countries in the world embrace the tenets of free markets and free trade, but they’re also very concerned about inequality, as well as the threats that globalization and immigration pose to their culture, national identity, way of life and the environment.

“Together, these results reveal an evolving world view on globalization that is nuanced, ambivalent, and sometimes inherently contradictory.” The report reads.

The study also shows that enthusiasm for globalization has faded in America and Western Europe since 2002, though it continues with fervor in developing Asian countries such as China and India.

“A rare glimmer of hope for the development-through-trade crowd?” asks Matthew Hennessey at Fairer Globalization. “Or do the findings suggest that globalization’s winners are looking to close the door behind them?”

View complete report here.


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